Monte Vista Christian School is currently operating in a Level 3 modality, offering a hybrid of in-person and remote learning. See MVC's Reopening Plan for more details.

Upcoming Events Date & Time
Wed  11/25/2020  (All Day)
Wed  11/25/2020  (All Day)
Thu  11/26/2020  (All Day)
Fri  11/27/2020  (All Day)
Mon  12/14/2020  (All Day)
Tue  12/15/2020  (All Day)
Wed  12/16/2020  (All Day)
Thu  12/17/2020  (All Day)
Fri  12/18/2020  (All Day)
Fri  12/18/2020  TBD
Christmas Break Mon  12/21/2020  (All Day)
Offices Open Mon  12/21/2020  (All Day)
Christmas Break Tue  12/22/2020  (All Day)
Offices Open Tue  12/22/2020  (All Day)
Christmas Break Wed  12/23/2020  (All Day)
Offices Open Wed  12/23/2020  (All Day)
Christmas Break Thu  12/24/2020  (All Day)
Christmas Break Fri  12/25/2020  (All Day)
Christmas Break Sat  12/26/2020  (All Day)
Christmas Break Sun  12/27/2020  (All Day)
Christmas Break Mon  12/28/2020  (All Day)
Offices Open Mon  12/28/2020  (All Day)
Christmas Break Tue  12/29/2020  (All Day)
Offices Open Tue  12/29/2020  (All Day)
Christmas Break Wed  12/30/2020  (All Day)
Offices Open Wed  12/30/2020  (All Day)
Christmas Break Thu  12/31/2020  (All Day)
Offices Open Thu  12/31/2020  (All Day)
Christmas Break Fri  01/01/2021  (All Day)
Christmas Break Sat  01/02/2021  (All Day)
Christmas Break Sun  01/03/2021  (All Day)
Semester 2 Begins Mon  01/04/2021  (All Day)
First Day of Tryouts for Soccer, Tennis, & Badminton Mon  02/22/2021  (All Day)
Meet the Mustangs for Soccer, Tennis, & Badminton Mon  03/01/2021  TBD
Faculty Professional Development - No School Wed  03/10/2021  (All Day)
Faculty Professional Development - No School Thu  03/11/2021  (All Day)
Faculty Professional Development - No School Fri  03/12/2021  (All Day)
Middle School Impact Week Mon  03/15/2021  (All Day)
Middle School Impact Week Tue  03/16/2021  (All Day)
Middle School Impact Week Wed  03/17/2021  (All Day)
Middle School Impact Week Thu  03/18/2021  (All Day)
Middle School Impact Week Fri  03/19/2021  (All Day)
Easter Break Fri  04/02/2021  (All Day)
Easter Break Sat  04/03/2021  (All Day)
Easter Break Sun  04/04/2021  (All Day)
Easter Break Mon  04/05/2021  (All Day)
Offices Open Mon  04/05/2021  (All Day)
Easter Break Tue  04/06/2021  (All Day)
Offices Open Tue  04/06/2021  (All Day)
Easter Break Wed  04/07/2021  (All Day)
Offices Open Wed  04/07/2021  (All Day)
Easter Break Thu  04/08/2021  (All Day)
Offices Open Thu  04/08/2021  (All Day)
Easter Break Fri  04/09/2021  (All Day)
Offices Open Fri  04/09/2021  (All Day)
School Resumes Mon  04/12/2021  (All Day)
Class Awards Day Tue  05/18/2021  (All Day)
8th Grade Awards and Promotion Night Thu  05/20/2021  (All Day)
Finals - Early Release Schedule Mon  05/24/2021  (All Day)
Finals - Early Release Schedule Tue  05/25/2021  (All Day)
Finals - Early Release Schedule Wed  05/26/2021  (All Day)
Baccalaureate Service Thu  05/27/2021  (All Day)
Finals - Early Release Schedule Thu  05/27/2021  (All Day)
Last Day of School/Semester 2 Ends Thu  05/27/2021  (All Day)
High School Graduation Ceremony Fri  05/28/2021  6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Thanksgiving Break Mon  11/22/2021  12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Semester 1 Ends Fri  12/17/2021  (All Day)
Christmas Break Mon  12/20/2021  (All Day)
Christmas Break Tue  12/21/2021  (All Day)
Christmas Break Wed  12/22/2021  (All Day)
Christmas Break Thu  12/23/2021  (All Day)
Christmas Break Fri  12/24/2021  (All Day)
Christmas Break Sat  12/25/2021  (All Day)
Christmas Break Sun  12/26/2021  (All Day)
Christmas Break Mon  12/27/2021  (All Day)
Christmas Break Tue  12/28/2021  (All Day)
Christmas Break Wed  12/29/2021  (All Day)
Christmas Break Thu  12/30/2021  (All Day)
Christmas Break Fri  12/31/2021  (All Day)
Christmas Break Sat  01/01/2022  (All Day)
Christmas Break Sun  01/02/2022  (All Day)
Teacher In-Service - No School Mon  01/03/2022  (All Day)
Semester 2 Begins Tue  01/04/2022  (All Day)
Easter Break Mon  04/11/2022  (All Day)
Easter Break Tue  04/12/2022  (All Day)
Easter Break Wed  04/13/2022  (All Day)
Easter Break Thu  04/14/2022  (All Day)
Easter Break Fri  04/15/2022  (All Day)
Easter Break Sat  04/16/2022  (All Day)
Easter Break Sun  04/17/2022  (All Day)
Easter Break Mon  04/18/2022  (All Day)
School Resumes Tue  04/19/2022  (All Day)
Final Exams - Early Release Schedule Mon  05/23/2022  (All Day)
Final Exams - Early Release Schedule Tue  05/24/2022  (All Day)
Final Exams - Early Release Schedule Wed  05/25/2022  (All Day)
Final Exams - Early Release Schedule Thu  05/26/2022  (All Day)
Last Day of School/Semester 2 Ends Thu  05/26/2022  (All Day)